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conjunction with other technologies where vegetation is used as a final cap and closure of the
               site. There are some limitations to the technology that it is necessary to consider carefully
               before it is selected for site remediation: long duration of time for remediation, potential
               contamination of the vegetation and food chain, and difficulty establishing and maintaining
               vegetation at some sites with high toxic levels.

               PLUS MICROBES

               In further recognition of the place of evolving efforts towards achieving a sustainable
               environmental remediation and management of our polluted environment, it was reported just
               last year (2012), how Benjamin AfolabiOso, a Professor of Microbiology, Environmental
               Consultant and the Director of Research and Extension at the AfeBabalola University, Ado-Ekiti
               won a prize  from the  International Institute  for Training, Research and Economic
               Development(IITRED) 2012 for Technological Innovation in Oil and Gas. This giant stride has
               already received the endorsement of the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources for its usage
               in the Oil and Gas Industry. The product is currently being used by some companies and
               organizations in Nigeria.

               According to IITRED Vice Chairman, Ambassador (Dr.) Hassan  Adamu, “Professor Oso’s
               winning entry for the Research Prize was “Oso Bio-degrader-Plus”, code named “OBD-Plus”
               which is a patented technology developed to solve environmental pollution problems”. It is a
               biological agent consisting of a specially formulated consortium of non-pathogenic microbes
               borne on a specially prepared dry powdery medium of plant origin which does the following,
               among others:

                     Clean-up and bio-remediation of oil-polluted environments (land and water);
                     Detoxifies drilling mud (waste) and renders it safe for discharge into the environment;
                     Treatment of drill cuttings effectively within 21 days.
                     Enhancement of oil recovery techniques; and
                     Achieves a 97-99% reduction in lead content of soil (Nigeria) and levels of other heavy

               Through intensive research on water hyacinth and other aquatic weeds, a powdery material
               which is heavily impregnated with special isolates of microorganisms is produced for fast
               biodegradation of organic matter. This substance is patented as OBD-Plus (Oso Bio degrader
               Plus) with the Federal Ministry of Trade & Investments (Nigeria), and registered with the
               Federal Ministries of Petroleum Resources and Environment both of whom have certified it
               non-toxic and safe for use in the environment after subjecting it to necessary toxicity tests. The
               IITRED Research Award Committee, in consultation with other experts found OBD-Plus as an
               excellent agent for environmental management as it breaks down solid wastes (garbage) into
               nutrient rich  organic fertilizer within 4 weeks.  It also removes odour, enhances oil drilling
               technology, purifies sewage and industrial effluents into clean water and bio-remediates oil
               polluted environments, land and water.

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